Neal and Christy Dorenkott met each other in 2000 at a local club which sponsored swing dancing. They immediately grew a passion for this style of dance.  They formed their dance company in late 2002 to spread this joy and passion to others.
      They have taken swing dance instruction from some of the country's best swing dance instructors including Frankie Manning, Sylvia Sykes, Steven Mitchell, Virginie Jensen, Kevin St. Laurent, Carla Heiney, Nathalie Gomes, Yuval Hud, Jenny Thomas, Ryan Francois, Joel Plys, Mario Robau Jr. and others.  Their swing dance instruction has taken them dancing across the country from places like Columbus, Detroit, Toronto, Boston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
      They dance and teach six styles of swing dancing from the 1920's through the 1950's including: East Coast Swing (Jitterbug), Lindy Hop, Charleston,
20's Charleston, Shag and Balboa. They offer five or six week classes, workshops, special group instruction and private or semi-private lessons. They have a full service dance company and also offer performances, education about the swing dance culture, DJ'ing and other entertainment services.
You can contact Christy and Neal at 440-653-9799 or email: