Class Descriptions
East Coast Swing  (Jitterbug)
Beginner Level - Learn the proper lead/follow dance connection in this "down to the basics" dance class. The class will concentrate on good weight distribution and proper frame, everything you need for the connection dances as well as some basic East Coast Jitterbug moves. Partners are not required.

 Lindy Hop 
Beginner Level - This 8-count dance from the 1930's originated in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, N.Y. It is considered the "original" swing dance and can be seen in many Hollywood movies including "Malcom X" and "Swing Kids". Some basic Jitterbug experience is recommended. Partners are not required.

This is a dance with a close connection and small footsteps. It is good for crowded dance space and can be danced to medium to faster music tempos. This is the latest connection dance craze. Partners are not required.

Charleston (partners side by side, partners in-line also known as tandem )
Learn some new Charleston moves in this 8-count, kicking dance when ragtime music was popular. Find out how well this dance relates to more upbeat music. Partners are not required.  This dance style transitions well with East Coast Swing (Jitterbug).

20's Charleston
This partner dance will add some pizzazz to your Charleston steps. We will teach the basic movement along with classic 20's flash. Partners are not required.

Collegiate Shag
This is a high-energy, foot-kicking swing dance that dates back to the 1920's. We will concentrate on the basics with some flashy dance movements. Partners are not required
Jitterbug Booster (East Coast Swing)
A workshop designed for students who have completed East Coast Swing I.  We will practice drills to improve your lead/follow skills & connection and learn more dance moves to add to your dance repertoire. Partners are not required.
Swing Transitions
This class will concentrate on the many transitions between the varieties of swing dance movements. This will help to create smooth options to changing to different styles of dance during the same song.  A must for going to the next level. Partners are not required.

This special class will teach you to express your dance movements to what you hear and feel in the music. You will add a whole new dimension to your swing dance. Partners are not required.

Dips & Tricks
This class will take you to the next level. Be the talk of the next dance.  Learn some fun flashier swing movements that will compliment your dance steps. Partners are recommended, but not required.